Dear Dominus “Pleasing him” 05/06/2018

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Dear Dominus. I grew up in a house with 9 females. I have heard all the stores about cheating men, men that horn and sometimes when the boys come over I would hear the argument from their side too. I know that some men are just dogs and no matter what they do, they will cheat. To be fair, my […]


Dear Dominus “Borrow” 14/05/2018

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Dear Dominus. I have a question to ask you before I go mental on this man. Now I was in a tight spot and I call my friend to borrow some money. He start claiming that he break and although I never do this, I ask him if there is anything I could do to convince me to lend me […]


Dear Dominus “How long” 21/11/2017

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Dear Dominus. This is a question I feel women should answer cause the men at work just as confused like me. I got this new thing, only fucking she for 2 months. She does sleep by me almost everyday so you know Dom I does pull at she pussy regular before I go sleep. She come in the bedroom looking […]