Dear Dominus “Screaming” 13/08/2018

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Dear Dominus. Well I meet this guy on your page, and over time we get to know one another online. We started talking closer and much more and going out. He always talk about how he don’t like regular sex and that he is a kinky freak. Thing is, all the sex talk get to me cause I am accustomed […]


Dear Dominus “Wetness Tastes good” 25/06/2018

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Dear Dominus. Well I don’t even know how you convince me to write this in, especially knowing how a lot of people comment under the letters. Well, me and this fella have been talking for a long time, off and on but finally we started to get serious when we realise we were finally both single. I don’t play that […]


Dear Dominus “One chance” 13/06/218

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Dear Dominus. There is this one fella that always humbugging me saying he would like to rock my world. Thing is, he and my man is friends and he would wait till me man aint looking to drop comments cause he afraid of my man.So there was a point when things was so brown with me, I had nothing for […]