Dear Dominus “Personal Man” 22/07/2019

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Dear Dominus. So Dominus explain how women does think cause I can’t understand them. Last year when I was out I see a sexy girl and one of my friend give me the low down info about she. Woman did dress in this short see through dress and a panty and she ass cock off I could imagine brekking off […]


Dear Dominus “Role Play” 18/06/2019

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Dear Dominus. My boyfriend and I have been together for 10 years and we were watching a movie last weekend and the older married couple in the movie did some role play to spice up their sex life and he was like let’s try it. I am all for making my man happy and keeping him in my life and […]


Dear Dominus “Stuck” 12/06/2019

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Dear Dominus. I don’t know who else I can ask without getting a funny look or having us getting judged. Well my boyfriend and I are very happy and we both are experimental in sex. He loves me to lick his asshole but he would never say that in public furthermore he would deny that it ever happens. Me I […]