Dear Dominus “You look desperate” 17/08/2017



Dear Dominus. Why is it that MOST men that I have been meeting on social media thinks that it is appropriate to out of the fucking blue, send me a dick pic of a video of them jerking off. penis-pic2Dominus this question is for the men. DO you all really think that we want to see that shit? No we don’t. DO you think it turns us on and makes us want it at all? No it doesn’t. Did we ask to fucking see it? No we didn’t. Is it a turn on or turn off. A fucking turn off. It makes you look desperate and stupid af. I was talking to this guy I met a few weeks ago, and I really was saying I am going to give him some great sex and blow his mindteaser-5 cause he was really down to earth, looked sexy and chatted cool. We had not got into any sex talk at all yet and out of the blue this foolish nigga asks me, do you want to see something? I was like huh? Even before i could catch myself next thing I know a dick pic. penis-pic3I was in shock and quiet then quick so a video of him jerking to fuck o asking if I like it. No its gross, not penises, but desperate fucking men that don’t know when and where. It pissed me off so much that I blocked and deleted him and wrote this letter the same time. The worst part is they get vex and want to curse you if you don’t give them a good response like WTF? Imagine Dom, I was going to let him get on top of me and there goes his stupid desperate ass. Does this happen to other ladies as well? I don’t keep gfs so I am asking on here.

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