Dear Dominus ‘White lace Thong” 09/04/2019


Dominus Plz rite my story fa me u r better writr & pos.

Dear Dominus. I am writing in to give some of you young ladies some advice. I see plenty of you doing it and I would like this stupid fad to stop. I literally messed up the potential of getting my dream man because of this simple thing. We were talking for a few weeks and he started to tell me how much he wanted me and missed me all day. I course I knew what was coming so I went home and shaved up my privates and took a long bath and put on a sexy white lace thong lingerie set that I got from **** in Sheraton. He told me that he didn’t feel like going out that night… “How about us just staying in and watching a few movies and having some drinks”. Of course ladies, I knew he would say that. Anytime a man tells you about staying home and watching movies and having drinks it’s really sex-time. So I made sure I put on my easy accessible flair dress. I passed by the supermarket to get my favourite wine Bail*** but they only had the largest one which I could not afford so I took the closet thing which was Pu******. Everything was going great I was patient while we were watching and laughing and drinking, but I wanted him so bad too. He was acting like he wasn’t going to make my move so I purposely let my dress ride high during my laugh while I cuddled to teased him. It got his attention and he started to caress my legs and kiss me. Dominus, it couldn’t happen at a worse time. He was kissing me and I had to pass gas. I couldn’t tell if it was going to be a silent one or a loud one. My belly started to bubble from that creamy wine. I asked for my excuse and I went to the bathroom and whoosh, it came out like water from a pipe. Well I was so embarrassed I was glad the TV was loud because it came with lots of farting in between to get it all out. I washed up myself out after wiping because I knew I left out there really hot and heated and he would want to continue. When I came out the lights were on and he was pouring another drink and he asked “Are you alright?” I said “sure, I just had to wee-wee in the little girls room”. He didn’t even let me sit down before he was back in my neck. black-couple-kissing-2Dominus I don’t know about other girls but that is my weak spot and I am not afraid to moan loudly. It turned him on I watched him rise to the occasion through his sweat pants. I believe a woman should be assertive; I made the first move and pulled it out and deep throat that MF like I had no tonsils. I pulled it out and smiled at him and his cock head was a pretty pink with my spit running down the sides of his shaft. He watched me as I licked around it, teasing him letting him know I was going to be his naughty toy. For about 15 minutes I made him edge forward on the couch; yes Dominus I give great head and I LOVE to do it. I am a very kinky girl. I brought him close to orgasm, then I would just go and lick down by his balls while watching him in his eyes.  He begged me not to stop so he could cum but I was in total control. I stood up and took off my dress slowly as he watched me bend over and I twerked my ass in front of his face. He said “fuck this I have to show you that I got skills too.” I was like no let me ride that dick for you, but he pulled me to the chair and took off my panty and was about to go down on me. He stopped midway and said, “ You know what? Let’s get to know one another better, don’t let us rush this. This is too soon.” I was like “What? I want you now!” He replied, “Another time, we are missing the best parts of this movie.” He pulled back up his pants and tried to focus on the TV. I sat up feeling totally puzzled and rejected but I silently dressed myself. When I got home later, my belly was rumbling again and I had to use the bathroom once more. While sitting on the toilet I saw a damp dark brown skid mark on the string of my white thong. Did this just happen or was that there from before? Did he see this? Is this the reason why he suddenly stopped? I can only guess, because I can never ask him. What I do know is that he doesn’t talk to me the same way anymore and I have thrown away all of my thongs, because girls who love anal sex like me and should never wear thongs. Young girls take my advice, before you embarrass yourself like me.

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