Dear Dominus “What todo next” 16/08/2018


Dear Dominus. It is with a heavy heart that I write to you. I don’t know where else to turn for advice without people judging me for the actions I have made over the past couple of months. I would’ve like to think of myself as an independent woman, but without my man, I feel useless. I work for twice the amount of money that he does, but yet still that doesn’t matter. He did crap in his early years and cant even get a pack of chocolate biscuits on credit and stores beg me to take things from them. I handle my money well, plan, save and invest, but he gets paid weekly, and by midweek he has not a cent and has to rely on me. I don’t mind, because he is mine and I am his. cover-social-media-promoHe is my weakness and I know this. Although unconventional to women, I bought him a new car because his old one was giving so much trouble. I had the car parked by my grandmother, and when we drove pass in my car, he said I always love to see those. I parked and told him I have a surprise after we get inside. I had the key wrapped in a little box, along with a ring and I asked him to marry me the same time. He kinda ignored my question and ran out to the car. It is only the next day when I asked him if he heard what I asked, he was like yea, he heard, he loves me but he doesn’t want to marry me so if the car was to make him say yes take it back but he loves me but he doesn’t want to be my husband. He says we can be boyfriend and girlfriend but nothing more, cause he doesn’t see himself tied down to me as my husband. Dominus, my world crumbled. I can think of nothing else. After proposing to someone, and they say no, does that mean you two are finished? I know there is no future that I want here but I love him so much there is nothing more that I want than to grow old with him. He is happy with his new 2018 ******, and I am happy for him. This is the first time, my life is not going according to my plan and I dont know what to do next. He is totally ignoring me now that he has his new ride and he is pickign up and dropping off all of his friends like he is a taxi and using my debit card to top up his gas.

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