Dear Dominus ‘What to do to she” 20/08/2018


Dear Dominus. I just find out that my woman get a little piece of money in the lotto, I think she get a lil $20,000 and never tell me nothing. She pretend and cry bad and have me here scrambling to pay bills and sort out things, always saying she break and this time she looking to get interest off she money and I hey skipping meals to make sure she and she daughter good. The only reason I find out something is that  Dom I was out to my last dollar and I didn’t have no more money to buy a book for school, bare in mind she aint my daughter but I does treat them like family, and I did stretch to all. Domins she went to the ATM 69348fbce2037409e027f1f9988cf160to pretend to see how much she got leave back cause she does cry that she money never right from work and it too slight so i does help she and mekking sport I snatch it out she hand and when I see that I question she bout it. Know what she tell me? What is hers is hers and aint got nothing to do with she. cover-social-media-promoDominus you mean to tell me, that I does work for a lil crumb, more than half does go to help she and she daughter. I does hold she down and make sure she straight and forget about myself. I don’t even buy beers like dat no more to stretch the money, and not that I want none of she money but when she win it, before she give me a lil ease, she grind me even more and cry break and I even borrow money from work and all and dis is what she doing? Dom, when I tell she I aint had the $60 to buy the book, you shoulda see how she mek sheself like I is a nuisance. Dis time she got 5 figures in the bank and I aint even got 3 figures put down. What you feel I should do to she….

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