Dear Dominus “What to do?” 22/10/2019


Dear Dominus. I am female and live in ***. My man and I good we both work not much money so the first time it happen was when we son did sick we had no savings and I a friend tell me to do business. I did feel funny at first but I do business with guy he do it in he car in on the beach and he give me $200 and I take son to doctor next morning. After that I would do business through a girl from pine and she would link up when I not at work get extra money halloween-party-2019to help we live. My boyfriend think I do hair and that is why I out sometimes and I really do braids I plait good but not all the time only when somebody call me. We went to a family picnic last bank them had and one of he uncles was there and I recognise he as somebody I do business with  back at a guest house. We do it more than once so he pick up my face good and he was a person that does pay good cause he like some nasty things do. 5d8087ea737c6854d619fd8c3ff8262a-30He aint say nothing he come to me and ask how me and when he realize I was *** mother he keep quiet but he tell me he not going say nothing. Dominus that wake me up so close to home and I say I not going do that no more but now he keep calling me to do business and I saying I busy even though i so brek bills behind and I need that little extra cash. Last week he drop talk that it wold be a shame for my man to hear bout me cause Dom I know he would walk right out my life for good no talk and now I have to decide weather to continue with he uncle and the girl in the pine setting me up or not things brown and I under pressure what to do? I would feel so shame if my man or my child ever find out what I had to do to survive it real hard out there if someone can help me that dont want nothing in return I would love it.

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