Dear Dominus “What Should I do?” 12/05/2020


Dear Dominus. I come to ask your opinion about something cause it bothering me. I will try to be a vague as possible with the details so no one would know who I talking about. Well my cousin (guy) he is a single parent solely because in the past his child mother died in a complication at birth or soon after. He confessed to me that because the woman he loved with his everything died because of his child he now hates the child and wish him/her would just drop down dead. SInce she pass he has never been in a serious relationship actually he just uses women for relief now cause nobody can replace who he lost and noone is ever good enough to even compare. He does not mistreat his child in any way, he leaves the child by our family most of the time because he cannot stand to see it cause it looks just like its mother and the child adores him to the end, he/she thinks he is the king of the world and begs to be around him all the time but he can never forgive the child. Dominus it is not the child’s fault what happen to his/her mother but he just can’t let it go and he looks at the child with rage in his eyes. He is not the type of person to hurt the child in anyway but the emotional heartbreak for the child is inevitable. What should I do or say to him?

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