Dear Dominus “Wett fa he” 05/10/2017


Dear Dominus, I live across in front of this sexy ass red man. He has a wife and two children, well they are not babies they are teenagers I guess as they both drive. Dom this man is so sexy I love the way he walks talks and he loves to flirt. I asked him the other day if he would play and he said he is a muslim that he could have a wife and a girl friend. Dom if this man was happy at home would he be out looking? He works from home and is always finding a reason to come in contact with me. Sometimes I see him from over by his house looking over at me in mine and I don’t hide, wett-for-him2I let him watch whatever I am doing. Should I play with him as his wife works long hours and we will have the time. At night I can see him staring through the windows at my house can he be this lonely? We are now whatsapp buddies and I am hoping that he would send me a pic of his dick but this man is so sexy that just thinking about him I get wettttt. He owns his own business and drives a big van so he can take me anywhere, I am not sure he will give me money if I ask but I am not interested in that at the moment. I actually would just like to fuck him. I don’t know how old he is could be 40 or 50 but he sexy as cunt. My pussy gets so wettt for him. Not just fuck him but fuck him in his wife’s bed when she is at work during the day.wett-for-him I will purposely leave something for her to find like my panty, or cum all over her pillow and just for spite, maybe I will go next door and knock at the door when she is at home and ask her for my panty when he leaves home to go out. I just want her to know that she can be taken out. She comes home and is always inside so I will even fuck him in his big pickup right in the driveway when she is inside sleeping some night. I would love him to fuck me in her front seat where she sits down and take pictures of his cum all over me. After sex I would make him take pictures of my fat wet pussy in bed, I have a fat pussy that I know he will love to eat. I going ride that old man till he young again and if he want head he has to free up money for that. I aint promise he no head but I will fuck him just cause I want too. He has a fancy iphone so I know that she cant get into it I already tried and only he can open it. teaser-1She is a simple woman, long indian hair with a big ass and always wears long pants and long sleeves, like she has something to hide. She can’t please him and I see how he looks at me. He hasn’t said anything out of the ordinary yet but he always telling me how he loves my lips and my walk and I know he stares at my ass when I am outside in the front. I will teach him not to trouble trouble. I am not his wife nor his side chick but I will fuck he. I will teach he and he boring wife a lesson, it is just a matter of time. Dom let me know what you think!

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