Dear Dominus “Wetness Tastes good” 25/06/2018


Dear Dominus. Well I don’t even know how you convince me to write this in, especially knowing how a lot of people comment under the letters. Well, me and this fella have been talking for a long time, off and on but finally we started to get serious when we realise we were finally both single. theme-party-2I don’t play that game when you talking to one person and flirting with another and that is why, although we were always attracted to each other I would not let it go any further and he respected my wish. Anyhow we were both single for a while and we went on a couple of dates and he was real interesting, not pushing a sex vibe but the tension was definitely there. We kissed up a lot and I just knew that anytime we were alone it was bound to happen. I get so wet just looking at him I could feel it squishing between my legs. That night we went out to watch ***** at the O***** and then we just went to the Bar out there and drink a few drinks. He kept telling me he wants to spend more time with me tonight and that he not ready to let me go home yet. I knew that if I went anywhere that would be it and part of me wanted him so bad that I said OK. He told me he had to stop home to get some more money for a bit.. in my mind I was like yea right, oldest trick in the book but I wanted him so much I didn’t care. I went and sat on the couch while he was in his room looking for more money. Then he called me and told me come a minute. I went and from there it was on, he pulled me onto his bed and he kissed me sooo deep my panty got soaked even more. I not like other girls I aint shame to say I like giving heads. I unbuckle he pants and when I put it in my mouth I hear he gasp for breath. I snatch he soul and suck he balls dry this man look at me and tell me he wish he did give me a chance every since. I was so fucking horny Dom, he push me down and pull cross my panty and all I was hoping was that he could eat pussy. He was good, he start off with he tongue and then he whole mouth and he was sloppy just like me eating me. He keep telling me I sooo wet my oil all between my legs and my wetness tastes good. cover-social-media-promoHe had me crawling backwards, I aint had sex in a while so my clit did feel like a virgin. He hold up to ask me if I soon come and I realise round he mouth did look reddish. I was so shame I sit up and tell he I like I spotting stop. He tell me no he got to make me cum he don’t care and I close my foot but he open them back and start to eat me out again. I was telling he stop my periods like it coming but this man keep going and it did feel so good after a while I stop fighting and relax. He make me cum sooo hard but when it did dun I did feel shame and embarrassed cause he come up to kiss me and I turn my face, I tell he go and wash he face he look like a vampire and he laugh and pretend he had fangs and then I went in the bathroom and wash up and put on a napkin. He ask me if he want me put it in after I come out the bathroom but my head was out the clouds and I say no next time. I describe it just as it happen and at the moment it was just hot passion and he didn’t care and how he was eating I stop caring that my period blood was all in he mouth, you feel I nasty for doing that Dom? I wondering if to deal with he again after what happen.

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