Dear Dominus “Want some sugar” 01/09/2017


Dear Dominus. A night I pick up this young girl she aint had no money to get home she party out all she money. I ask she where she live and she tell me St. Thomas, I tell she my gas low so gas or ass. She stupse and get in. teaser-3I did now meet this girl and on the way home by she we did feel each othr vibe and I get the whatsapp and snapchat in the early out and everything was going smooth. I pull up by she house and she tell me thanks goodnight and before she went inside I hold she hand and tell she wait. I ask she if she aint going give me no sugar before she go inside and she just stare at me hard and aint answer. I pull in the door on she side and turn off the light in the car and tell she I want a taste of sugar and she just sit down quiet and smile looking at me like she foolish. I ask she again you going let me taste the rainbow and this woman just staring and smiling and aint say a word.want-some-sugarYou know me Dominus I does risk and I lean in and kiss she in she neck and she aint move. I gone down and pull cross the top and she aint move and I recline back the seat and head in she pussy and I eat it for a good 10 minutes but she was real quiet and she aint respond. When I hold up my head I ask she if she good and she say she ok and she going inside and I say have a good night. Dom u know before I get home she going send me a message saying I take advantage of she outside she house. I ask she what she talking about, she right outside I aint had no knife no gun nothing she aint say no or resist she just aint answer so I take she silence as do what I had to do and now she saying she thinking about what to do if to report it or not and not to message she back. She say she never tell me yes and she was smiling wanting to know if this madman serious about ass for gas and I take it the wrong way. That sound like my fault? I can read minds? I thought she smiling cause she did want it too. Women I do anything wrong or something that she could lock me up for honestly or she just getting on like a immature cunt.

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