Dear Dominus “Video Call” 17/04/2020


Dear Dominus. I does deal with a man for bout 2 years now n I kno he got a police woman who does sleep by de house every night. Bcuz of dis lockdown ting Dom de only way I does really get 2 see he is video call cause he can’t cum out it is only when he woman gon wuk he does video call me and sometimes I does prop up de phone n get toys n ting n giv he a lil sexy peep show so he can turn off he light n satisfy heself n jerk cause he woman real lazy and boring af in bd he don’t even fuck she no more and she aint catch on anyways she is 1 of dem women who always 2 tired fa dicky. Dom I can never b 2 tired fa some good cock. De only reason he got she is that she does put down good money in de house and he grandmoder like she bad, I like she 2o cause I does get some of that same money she does put down. So de question I asking Dom is that when she gone work he does ask me 2 video call , he does message me first all de time cause he phone aint lock so she can check it I don’t know why she always want 2 look through he phone anyways he would message and say she gone and ask me fa a special call he in de mood. I would go and put on a T-back and get some baby oil he like dat and oil up and give he a show. 367059-t9-enhSo what got me is that a night I realiz it didn’t he that was watching cuz I ask he sumeting de voice was out and I look gud n he hair did down not up so I kno it was he cousin and he was jerking off n I stop and ask he what he doing with J*** phone and he just press out. I break my rule and keep calling back till I hear J*** ad I tell he what happen and he say he lil cousin he is 19 do that but that  aint nothing and just brush it off and tell me he know he do it twice already  when de room was dark cause he woman lock down 2 and he not getting none eider. He make it seem like it aint nothing he lil cousin watching me play with myself fa his entertainment cause it aint like he touching me but I asking you if you think he don’t respect me that he asking me 2 faget about it and it is a small issue that 2 a dem is fam it aint like he ask me to fuk he cuz n evn if he do a gud woman wud do it fa dem man so he say he dont need 2 say nothing 2 he nor he aint vex nither.

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