Dear Dominus “Upside down” 09/04/2018


Dear Dominus. I came by my bf straight from work. He gave me a key so I just open the door and come in. He wasn’t in the front house so I went straight in the bedroom. This man was literally upside down, let me try to explain, his neck and shoulders was on the bed prop by a pillow, and his back and ass was up in the air against the wall and he was jerking off. I was so surprised I stop in my in my tracks and just watch. He had on headphones I feel cause the neighbour real RH malicious and he was watching mussie porn or something on he phone and in less than a minute he cum in he own face and smear it all across he mouth and cheeks before he drop down in the bed cause he does usually be weak after he cum for a few minutes. cover-social-media-promoHe ain’t see me yet, so I back pedal to the door and then went back outside and come back in and slam the front door. I see he going to the bathroom and I ask what he was doing and he say nothing. He come back with he face wash and kiss me and get on normal. Dom, I know you hear all kinds of things, is this normal? Or is something wrong with he? IDK, I was not in too much relationships in my life. We have a regualar sex life, nothing too out of the ordinary, nothing special. He has never cum in my face, only on my stomach or boxy or doesnt even allow me to give him oral for too long or vice versa.  Am I missing something or am I not doing something?

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