Dear Dominus “Unspoken Approval” 18/04/2019


Dominus you are a better writer than me; please write and post my story.

Dear Dominus. I never liked Jam or honey. In my opinion they are both too sweet; but I love to plaster jam all between the lips of my pussy for him to lick off. As soon as he entered the room, I placed the honey in the microwave for 30 seconds. He watched me in silence knowing I was up to no good. I sat on a chair and teased him by opening my legs to expose my pink panty. My short tight skirt gave him full viewing pleasure as my legs went west and east. misty-stone-gets-screwed-by-her-boss-on-a-work-desk-4He knew what I wanted and I wanted him. He dropped his clipboard. On his knees he crawled towards me as I arched my back and assumed the position with the honey in my hand. I loved that sensation when I poured the warm honey on my clit, feeling the warmth run down all between my folds down to my crack. I forced him to lick it off, but he is an eager and willing participant. He licked every single molecule; till the only thing remaining was oil, skin, and the sting of my nails at the back of his head. Devouring every inch of me, he felt no shame when I grinded myself onto his moustache trembling in excitement. A finger was slipped in at just the right moment; his thrusts match the movements of my body. Eyes rolled back, entangled in the moment, my nipples are rigid like ice picks. I hold them and twisted them but he slapped my hand away from my self-pleasure. He was in charge now. Another slap to the face got me out of my trance. He choked me with his right hand. Gasping for breath, he slowly licked from the bottom of my labia, exposing the tender tip of my flower to his tongue as he pulls my folds back with his thumb. He looked in my eyes; I look back with unspoken approval. A few more tongue flicks made me crawl backwards trying to escape the inevitable. kink-link-20-april-born-nudeI open my mouth to scream but the sound won’t come out. He squeezed my throat so tight my eyes bulged out their sockets as my climax was escalating. His timing is impeccable. His synchronized movements forced me explode and gush all over his chin. I broke away from the confines of his embrace. I looked at him with weakened trembling knees. He smiled and stood up, whipping out his hard dick. Anticipation of his taste made me literally drool. I wanted to taste that clear seminal fluid which was about to drop from his meatus. I extend my tongue and let it fall on its tip. It was sweet and salty at the same time. I stuffed his whole manliness in my mouth. I wanted more of him, but time didn’t allow it. We were at work in the lunchroom and we heard the sound of the company truck as it pulled in. He came in and kissed me on my lips, in his usual gesture as my lover silently smiled and made a smug comment. The thing is Dominus, it was my man who was truck driver, but he would never suspect what I was up to. My lover is my cousin. My cousin is also my workmate. We both work in admin and my man works on the road so being together is mandatory. My lover knows what I like, he does what I like. I would love to be with him exclusively but the world won’t allow it, because we are family. This doesn’t make it right but we love each other so it has been a secret for years. His girl is my good friend and he and my man smoke and lime together. Yea Dom, I know the world is fucked up, but here we are, living in sin, and enjoying every fucking moment that we get alone.

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