Dear Dominus “Uncomfortable” 07/09/2020


Dear Dominus. My ex would not let go of me. He doesn’t say anything to me but he makes sure that he goes everywhere that I go. He talks to a lot of my friends and he knows when and where I go out. He limes across the house on the block by me and he watches who goes and comes, and if I have a friend over he would not go home till he leaves weather it be 3am. Dominus, I went to a cruise he was there, a party, he was there, karaoke he sing 2 songs after me I didn’t even see he there, I went dinner and he was there, he does always buy things from the store I work at so he can see me , my aunt even get invite me to church and he was in the back row. Dom, he don’t approach me or talk to me, he don’t say nothing and if I walk up to him and ask he why he here following me he just hold down he head and walk away and don’t say nothing. Somebody tell me that he stalking me and to be careful but I also hear that if he never threaten me or approach me funny it aint nothing I can do cause it is always someplace public. He does make anybody that want to talk to me uncomfortable af and them don’t stick around cause he look like a badboy and in the past he do somebody something already but I know he change that lifestyle. I don’t like that he keep checking up on me and following me places. The only thing he tell me is that he will always love me and want me to be happy and I ask he to leave me alone and he say he ain’t doing me nothing. Dominus I kinda frighten cause of how women getting kill all the time what should I do?

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