Dear Dominus “Truffle Butter” 02/10/2017


Dear Dominus. I am in a fucked up position right now. You see me and my ex still has sex, that is the only thing that he is good for. We had a bad break-up because he was too cheap to help me out with all the things I needed to get through in life with. My new man, is nice, but boring in bed. He wont try the things I like and I am even afraid to tell him certain things I used to do with my ex. I like to have anal sex. I actually love it, and I love when my ex fucks me in my ass, then takes it out and fucks my pussy hard and before I can get accustomed to it being in my pussy hes back in my ass again. He does this and freaks me out each time and then finishes in my ass and open my ass cheeks to watch it run out between my legs. dominus-bulletHe calls it his sexy truffle butter lol. Talking about it has me horny all now. My by would NEVER even think about anal. So that is why I have been continually having sex with my ex. Thing is, I am pregnant, and I know its for my broke no good ex. I missed my period and my ex brought a pregnancy test for me and it is positive. He still uses condoms on me although we live together for 9 months and have been together for 2 years. He schedule an appointment with the doctor and the type of person he is, he wont let go any suspicions that he has. My ex is flat broke. Furthermore he borrows taxi money from ME to get back home when he comes here to fuck me or if I go by him. I met him and tell about it out by him truffle-butter-2and he laugh and say not he put it on my man he break till he singing career get through. My boyfriend is so careful that he has sex with me in a condom and he still pulls out way before he is ready to finish and does it himself in the condom. He is silent but I think he is suspicious but I don’t know how to tell. He is not saying anything at all, just reminding me of the doctor visit to be prepared and looking at the calendar trying to remember the times we had sex and when it could’ve happened. He is not spontaneous at all, sometimes I think he can remember each day we do it. Dom, do you think he suspects? I have been very careful not to let him think I am cheating on him, but things are finally going my way with studies and whats not. What would you do to keep him from suspecting, I asked him if he wants to have an abortion and he didn’t answer but I know he is really not that type of guy. Should I ust kill it without him knowing and continue on with my life?

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