Dear Dominus “Too Shame” 31/03/2020


Dear Dominus. I did know this girl for bout 6 years. Me and she used to deal for bout a year on and off and then she meet this fella that was more serious about holding she down and she tell me choose she or she gone. I tell she I like she bad but my CM is a RH freak so I aint bout no drama so go long wid he. Me and she still does whatsapp regular and like 2 years after she man start doin bare cunt and fucking round on she head and slapping she bout and ting but by then dem had a lil yute so she didn’t want to leff he. My CM start talking to another fella serious so she ease off a me and I did always like my lil friend bad but I did bout pushing no vibe until I hear how she man used to treat she. I risk at she and she aint play cause she say she cant do nothing on she man head she would feel bad even though he horning she going and coming. I know how tight we used to be and I used to got she good as RH when we deal but she wouldn’t even let me kiss she Dom. Next she did venting bout she man gone out and she feel he did gone by dis woman she see in he whatsapp so I tell she I would pass for she. I drive she round a lil bit and carry she for some drinks from the gas station and she head get nice and sweet and I use my chance to put it on she good as RH cause she does get horny when she drunk and had she cumming back to back. She say she forget how good I does fucks he and we drink more and she end up falling sleep by me and I leff she even though I see she man did calling back to back. She wake up frighten bout 10 in the morning cause she aint know what to tell he now and when she get home de man beat she bad as RH Violent young man threatening his girlfriend with his fist outdoorsPIC: 123RFfor fucking on he head and sleeping out and disrespect he and dat is how 2 a dem end up dun. She come back to me fuck up cause she aint had nowhere else to go and she didn’t want to see she child cause a she face swell up mout burst and ting and all the time he did saying come for the child and she did too shame to show she face for a whole week and now de man got the child lock saying she didn’t want it so she cant come for it now and that she is a real stinking slut and now she crying bad as RH cant stop. She live by me now and I is she man but she even more miserable than when she did live by the other man but at least she aint getting beat down every minute but sometimes I does feel fuck up knowing how I manage to get she back in my camp.

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