Dear Dominus “Too much cum” 27/06/2018


Dear Dominus. I am not as experienced at sex as you or the people you have on your page. I actually only had one boyfriend and I started sex late. When I say late I mean I officially got my virginity broken at last year Dec at 29. I know some of you may say yea right not in this age but yes I was studying and  I never said that I didn’t get fingered or jerk off a dude or 2,cover-social-media-promowell 2 dudes TBH and one of them is my current bf. Well we started to have sex and we both waited until my studies were done and I saw my GYBN for proper birth control so we can enjoy sex to the fullest without worrying about me getting pregnant. Now my question is this. Is it normal to want to pee when you are finished sex? He ejaculates in me and it runs back out with a whole set of urine. Even before I can get out of the bed, urine is running back out of me and I cant hold it back, like it was already there when we were sexing. Sometimes he stops when he feels he is coming and it feels like he is fulling up my insides with a hose.pee-insideHe says he is coming, but all that comes back out is urine. I asked if he pees inside of me and he says he doesn’t think so he says it feel like he is coming but it also feels like that feeling when you want to pee for a long time nad then rush to the bathroom. He says it’s a build up and then an explosion. I watched porn movies online to investigate and what I see coming out or on women is nothing like what comes out of me directly after sex. Porn shows all categories so it really doesn’t tell me what is going on in my case but I have seen men urinate on women and visa versa and the amount that comes out after he pulls out is that amount of liquid that can fill a cup.theme-party-2He says he just ejaculates a lot and showed me videos of dudes who cum a cupful. We now had to get a mattress cover for my bed because it smells foopy with a bit of bed wetting. I just think its too much sperm to be only that.. I think but I maybe wrong.  Sometimes it even leaks out during sex like I can feel it running down but he says I am crazy wet IDK but it smells like urine. Is it me that wetness is building up and coming out when he pulls out? Its it him? Is this normal? He says its me but I feel nothing. I am never able to make it to the bathroom. I hold my hand down there and it just gushes out and I am a girl who can hold my pee for the whole day so I don’t understand. Does sex make your bladder weak and you have to pee directly after? Do you think he is mistaking urine for an orgasm and is peeing inside of me? On another note, he asked me if we could try golden showers in my face but I haven’t answered as yet. I asked him if he would like to do golden showers inside my vagina and he smiled and said it seems like fun that may turn him on but he never thought about it. IDKR? Is this really his fetish to pee inside of me? I am so ashamed to ask anyone and please don’t bash me I am new to this whole sex thing. I was a nerd at school with friends who never really talked about sex in detail.

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