Dear Dominus “Too Mature” 14/03/2019


Dear Dominus. My fiancee and I have been together for 14 years. Our sex life started out really hot but after the first year it tapered off where we only do missionary and occasionally a bit of backshots. When we first started dating, my pussy was always in his mouth and I used to swallow his sperm like a blues star and even have sex outdoors on the beach or in the patio to the moonlight. kink-link-23-marThis got him all into me and we moved in together and now we have 2 lovely children together. Although I know we don’t have the most exciting sex life now, he doesn’t complain because we have grown together and matured. He went to Trinidad to play football with his team and after he returned, he started to insist that we do some different sex things that we haven’t done in a long time and somethings that we have never even tried. He started bombarding me with it from the first night he came back. I asked him why he want all this now and he ask if a man can’t want kinky sex from his woman. Dom I know this is a sexual blog but I prefer not to say the things he wants me to do please. beauty-by-o11His persistence is so great that he is unhappy that I refused, to the point that he is grumbling under his breath and not sleeping in the bed. He came out and said on thing out loud. Are you going to do it yes or no. I said I will think about it and I am not sure and he was like I know you that is a no so HMPH you will see what happen den. I asked if that was a threat to cheat and he never answered but just look at me stink. He keeps dropping low talk about how others do this and that for their person but not me. He was very happy before his trip but now this is the most miserable that I have seen him since we met. One of the things I admit is that he loved when I used to let him ejaculate in my mouth but I did that when I was young and I feel I am too mature in life to be doing all of this blue movie stuff now leave it for the teenie boppers, I already got him and my family why go backwards in life? I am all about progress and being positive, I have a mortgage and a car to pay for and all he is pressuring me about is our sex life why is that so important and why is this making him so miserable. live-music-sat-nightsMy question to you Dominus, is do you think that he had an experience with someone else in Trinidad that made him want these things and more again? Do you think that since I am in a serious relationship with him that I need to fulfil his requests? Do you think that he will cheat if I don’t give in? Am I being unreasonable for refusing?

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