Dear Dominus “Tired of being the fool” 25/07/2019


Dear Dominus. I was so suspicious about my bf lately. He has been telling unnecessary lies and his general pattern has changed. At first I thought it to be him liming too much now it is crop over but I know it is more. Well Dom, I know my man, he works sitting down in air-conditioned job, his car windows always up if them aint working he would never know cause he ALWAYS have on air-conditioning in the car too cold af. I tell you this so you would know that there is no reason why he should come home sweaty. His shirt does also smell like old sweat and dirtier than usual, when before he used to come home like he never left the house. I try asking he why he patterns changing if he not interested in me no more if he talking to someone else and he would always say it aint nothing so he just enjoying the season. I was with him in the car and he phone ring Bluetooth radio connect and he refuse to answer the unknown number saying it must be one of them overseas hacks but I know better by how gittery he was getting on. Also Dom he car seat always laying back more than I  does usually set it and he tissue going down faster than it accustom to. I try all to catch he in the act but he too good and sneaky always one step ahead of me. Anywhere I turn up he friends got he back. I get a friend to catch 2 big black centipedes darwins-goliath-centipede-side_000_lgfrom up in St. Philip and a night to trap he in alie he terrified of them. When he was bathing to go out I get he put them under the passenger seat and crack open the container. He was supposed to go out that night but he get messages and he take off he clothes and stay home. Dom he don’t invite me out no more, mussie because he out with a woman cause every crop over it used to be me and he everywhere. The next day he tell me he going take me down to work but I frighten as cunt for centipedes so I tell he I going get down cause I wsnt getting in he car. That night he say he going ***** to a soca fete and it is he and the boys and I say OK. 3:30 am I get a call he hit the car hard afe70e77c0-dcdc-4979-a6de-646b3dace6f7 I ask if he alright and them say yes he just shake up. I bong and get a taxi down there and when I get there everybody looking at me and wizzy wizzying. Dom he right off the car and he say a centipede come from no where and he run off the road. I ask if it bite he and he say no. I ask if it run on he and he say no it was in the passenger seat and he panic cause he hae them things and run off the road.  I ask who was with he and he say nobody but yet the passenger door force open and I could tell somebody was in there. When police come and ask about a passenger  he step aside and speak soft and look back at me. Dom even when he in an accident he good and fast to cover he tracks but what I learn is next day a girl friend of mine who does work in the same department as me aint come work cause of a centipede bite and I hear she fall down and hurt she leg. Dom this woman does smile in my face and beg me to ask my man for a drop home some evenings and it is such a coincidence this happen to she the same time. I can remember a time I turn up at a fete and she was there but she pair off with one of he friends to try to trick me.  I tired being the fool that them laughing at behind my back. I cant wait till that heifer come back to work I going tell she a piece of my mind. Why women don’t learn to leave them friend man?

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