Dear Dominus “Tired” 07/08/2019


Dear Dominus. Tired of the secret I have to say this i went school with this fella we did frens for years we end up hanging out with a group from school late night drinking smoking we use to do picnics n d beach its funny our parents no each other very well i use to work harber road then i move d fella still wrk d same place for years he parents dont even have a clue of the things he use to do with me but i was trying to hold it down 4 years he use to foreplay a bit of sex also even give me money to keep his secret. Here is a twist i hear he got a girl making a family thru a fren if d girl only have a clue of the things he do with me idk wa he tell she but police came for me i was given warnings in all n this man making it seem i is d bad one when we both doing stuff he lying to the girl dealing with me n still she n she having a family 4 dis man should i out the pics should i find her n let her know the truth i dont care anymore cus he got he family think he innocent even turn some friends against me he mother gine catch a heart attack when she find out the truth the things he did n do with me. npa-aug-31This was going on for 7 years this only stop cause police come for me what to do he in denial i int i just int want to come out he family he work for already think he int straight i sorry for the childmother cause i no he mussy got the family treating d girl like an outcast but if she leave him she wud b better off but what to do i work in haggatt hall but this is more than black mail i think d girl the family he work for n his mother should no the truth i good how i am but they should no what u think? He saying he int gay he just doing the things so the pics wont come out but its more to it i no if the girl no the truth n having kids from him isnt going to go well but im tired being d bad person alone so what u think is best btw im a male

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