Dear Dominus “Thirsty” 15/07/2019

Men drinking water

Dear Dominus. I am writing in to you for the first time because I feel so threatened and used. I have sent a copy of this to the relevant people as well but I have included all the personal information that I would not want floating out there loosely. Well Dom I went out this weekend to a popular venue. I had a great time. I met this guy who came out of nowhere and started dancing behind me. I had on a little crutchy jeans, boots  and a top and I know I did look sweet and sexy. p_00049637_800He ask if me and my friend thirsty and he started bringing we drinks and I thought that we were cool because he was really into me and he was very very  attractive and was pushing a positive vibe. I don’t usually get these kinds of guys trying to be with me so it felt good to be wanted again. At the end of the night, we exchanged numbers and he asked if my friend and I wanted a ride home. I said yes and he got a real nice car look real sweet and he offered to take me to breakfast at L***** and my friend said they would go too. We had a good time and he dropped her off and before he dropped off he said he wanted to spend some alone time with me. I was hesitant but he said he wanted to do this all night and he leaned over and kissed me. I haven’t kissed in so long and I kissed him back and he started to get all hot and heavy and touching my breasts. He held up my top and sucked my nipples and then tried to get into my pants. I told him no and he got so vex saying I lead him on and he bought breakfast and so much money in drinks people like me should dead taking advantage of good guys like him. He threw a beer bottle on the road that we were parked out on and it broke and his eyes were blood shot red and I started to get scared because although it was bright we were in the middle of nowhere no houses nothing. He was ranting on and on about how I turn he on with my boxy drop out and my thong and if I ain’t want he why I pooch back on he, and then he start to kiss me again and feeling me up but I cross my legs and I told him let me see what he working with. I told him I was on my period and he say that can’t be true with the panty I got on no pad cant fir and I tell he I got on a tampon and he was still vex but I start jerking he off and sucking it and I do it till he ejaculate. After that he apologize for getting vex and he say it feel like I was rejecting him after all that we was all night and morning and he hate to feel used. Dominus I thank God that he drop me home safe but I also thank God that he did not find out I am still a dude that is why I didn’t want him touching me cause the pills I take working wonders but I haven’t got the surgery done yet. At breakfast, a guy who is like me came in and this guy I was with was all turnt up nose and saying that all we should be killed and my friend looked at me a squeezed my hand but from how he was talkng I could never tell him the truth. I thought he was being genuine at first but he was thirsty man and my friend told me I should’ve told him up front I am trans but Dominus it was never to go like that and I fear if I tell him now he would want to kill me. She is agreeing with him that I basically used his infatuation with me to get drinks and breakfast without coming up front and it is karma but if he finds out about me he would also say I am no good. What do you think Dominus, did I wrong him?

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