Dear Dominus “Think Again B” 13/05/2020


Dear Dominus. It so happen that my shopping day is the same shopping day as my boyfriend and he wife is an essential worker so she does always be at work. It is a long time since I ain’t get no cocky and he come and tell me he want to talk and I tell he I want cock. He say let we talk first he will take me to the supermarket. Dominus while waiting he tell me that since he was home with the children all the time and not going out no more at night he realise that his family important to he and we should shut this down and just be cool as friends. Dom my heart burn me but I ain’t let him know I was crying inside. When he drop me off I tell him I want to feel him one last time cause I don’t deal with nobody else and I not about to start and I really need some cock I was waiting on sex for almost 2RH  months. He say OK but he ain’t bring a condom cause he didn’t plan on doing nothing so. I tell he ok just pull outwhen u ready to cum like we used to do before. Dominus when he was about to cum I wrap my foot round he and lock dem down and wukkup like it did crop ova 2020 4d2d942000000578-0-image-a-34_1528880313750he did weak and every last drop went inside me. Suprise B***, I does catch real fast and easy and that was my fertile time from my phone app too. He never know that the few times we had unprotected sex I catch twice and had to get a procedure done. He sweating like a pot cover and messaging me every minute want to know if I alright and i getting the attention I usedto get from he minus seeing he cause of the curfew. He was thinking he can done with me? Well think again B***. You will have 2 families or if you choose to ignore me you will have none cause I know your wife don’t play cause I would Whatsapp she.

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