Dear Dominus “The Urges” 10/04/2019


Dear Dominus,
Let me start by saying I LOVEEEEE your page! When i use to live in Guyana, i was introduced to a man who was on vacation & we instantly became smithen with each other. Dom, he is everything a girl could ask for…handsome, intelligent, fun to be around (always the life of the party, like me), financially stable & a BEAST in the bedroom. We use to have sex everywhere! In the car, beach, a hammock, in the club. I love him so much, however we all know the perfect man doesn’t exists! Homeboy has his children mother & 2 kids that he lives with in Virginia, that he was honest about from the beginning. I had no problem, we spoke everyday & my money was up to date. Fast forward, when i came to the US i met someone who i thought was the ideal man to settle with as he was single & had his own home. We started a relationship, unknown to my Virginian, which led to marriage. Now my problem is, my husband is 30yrs my senior & while we have the conventional sex, he’s no match for my Virginian. Dom i like to the animal sex! Raw Rough Pussy Pounding. The kinda sex that make your belly bottom sore. The kinda sex that leave you walking fucked up for days. So when the urges were more than me i told my hubby that i was going to spend time with my mom in NY (we live in Philadelphia). I went to VA & spent 2 glorious days of intense love making. That was in Dec, I’ve been going once a month ever since! I know your readers gonna come hard for me but i dont care. I want my cake & eat it too. Besides, nobody knows & everybody is happy including Katty 🐱

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