Dear Dominus “The New Mr.” 27/05/2019


Dear Dominus. When me and Mar**** done 2 years ago, I told myself that I don’t want to be that girl that all over the place getting foop bout by guys who I am not in a relationship with. When I thought me and this guy was working to something positive he was just using me for sex and he had a girl so I done off with men for over 2 years Dom. So I ordered a 10 speed sex toy from you and when I get lonely my toy would satisfy me completely. sex-3261242_1280I was so happy that I didn’t have to depend on no man and it feels much better than using my fingers it make me come so hard when I turn it up hard each time I develop a technique to make e come so hard I tremble. So a few months ago, this guy was brought in to work at **** and we started to talk. It took a little time for me to take him serious and I finally let my guard down for him. Eventually we had sex and all the bells and whistles weren’t there like my ex. Dominus I am not afraid to take control and I let him eat me and I sat in his face a position that would always make me come and it felt good but he was unable to make me come. During penetration he come before me and this has happened every time we had sex. I told him to introduce my toy but he felt offended when I did that so I could come and I could see it in his face. The next time we had sex he was determined to make me come and he eat me for almost 2 hours and nothing. He get so frustrated the look on his face I know he was thinking of calling it quits. He said that we are not compatible sexually cause he can tell he can’t please me. Dominus I am a woman who can come with my toy over and over in 10 minutes or less and I am not sure what to do now because I know that if we are not working sexually it wont work. My bff say I fuck up my pussy with the toy using it up to all I does use almost 3 times a week or more for 2 years and now I cant enjoy a real person and if that is so is there  any way to reverse this or do I have to continue to use my toy and start faking orgasm with my new MR.

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