Dear Dominus ‘Tek dis dicky” 02/08/2019


Dear Dominus. I meet a girl that I was trying to talk to from every since but she would keep giving me the friend vibe all the time. Well the other night I meet she at **** and we end up standing up close to each other and I send cross a few drinks and we end up dancing and talking. She did leff home she husband this time and close to the end of the night we head did gone so I ask she when she going finally let me taste that cookie and she tell me whenever I ready. Dom I don’t; lag I carry she back to the car before sahe change she mind I did not even mind that **** didn’t come on to perform yet and he is who I really come to see. She went and pee first and then come and sit down in my back seat and I spread open she legs and start eating she pussy and fingering she long as cunt. I know that motion that does make girls squirt but she wont squirt for RH only wetness was my spit in she pussy and den I feel she trembling and moaning loud and she wukkup in my facemeqglhgaaaamhygrmvifobzohwswx3 and then she get quiet like she pass out. I ask she if she ready for the fucking oif she life and she ask me if I got condoms and I say yea and I was searching in my cubby hole and I find two. By the time I get back in front she she did sleeping hard yc I mean like snoring Dom so I know she is a clean girl she only fuck she husband and he is a quiet man so I ease it in raw she aint know and she wake up and smile. I tell she tek dis dicky and breathe and put it in deep and she moan long as fuck and den yawn and den drift back off to sleep. Some of wunna women pussy too RH big and deep. I know it sound bad Dom but at first I was fucking hard so she cant style me but ppl start coming in the car park all the time so I just slow foop  cause I didn’t want the car rocking too much but the woman sleep through the whole RH thing and it did feel so good I cum in she pussy to spite shepizza-amor-fri for sleeping on me. I really thought she would be a hype girl but she boring af how could u sleep when ya getting dogging drill in ya? I did so disappointed I would never run behind she pussy like dat again it aint worth it horning my girl over boring sex neither if I want boring sex I could check my girl. I get out and smoke and let she relax for a lil half hour but then I see lots of people coming out and I wake she up. She put on she panty and went and meet she friends cause she didnt even derse to get a drop home pussy was garbage Dom I coulda stan inside and watch the show. I vex with myself for even wasting my time. I just hope she husband aint tamper with she pussy when she get home cause she just put on she panty and roll out and he would smell dat I did bout dey.

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