Dear Dominus “Stuck” 12/06/2019


Dear Dominus. I don’t know who else I can ask without getting a funny look or having us getting judged. Well my boyfriend and I are very happy and we both are experimental in sex. He loves me to lick his asshole but he would never say that in public furthermore he would deny that it ever happens. Me I don’t give a fuck what people say about me what kink-link-june-22bhappens behind closed doors with 2 consenting adults is our business and I am sure many people do many things that they don’t want in the open. Well Dom, we were having some great sex last week and I was licking that area and I got a little frisky and put in a finger. He gasped but it wasn’t  a biggie he just said do me he don’t care so I went and got my anal vibrating beads/balls that he had bought and used on me and I spit on the first one and slipped it in.544404-586142-350x350 I turned it on and started to suck his dick and the combination of the vibration on his G-spot and me sucking him he didn’t last long before he was screaming and busting in my mouth. His orgasm was so intense he was pushing me trying to get away crawling backwards and all Dom. It was a fight of strength to keep him in my mouth and keep the ball in vibrating on the string because his orgasm was the most intense one he ever had. The problem is, the string on the balls somehow broke and the ball is stuck up his ass. We both tried to get it out, he tried squatting over the toilet he even squatted and I put in a finger but I made it worse and pushed it further inside of him. Now Dom, he is too proud and too shy to go to the doctor because it is obvious what it is and why it is up there and now he is starting to get cramps since it has been days since it was stuck but he refuses to see anyone. Dominus I prefer his health over his pride but he is not budging. Can anyone tell me how prisoners or drug mules get things in and out? Yes we have even tried laxatives and he did pass stool but no ball. We need help please privately because his stubborn ego didn’t even want me to post this unless I created a fake account to post it from.

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