Dear Dominus ” Stinking Hotel Managers” 03/01/2020


Dear Dominus. I see this thing on Boxing day, Dec 26 2019 at B**** B*** %*** that make my eyes turn to water. I want somebody publish this to let everybody know how heartless the managers at that south coast hotel is. Now Dom I was in the lobby when these 6 old white people arrive in one of dem big taxi ZM vans. Apparently them book them trip to Barbados on one of those online travel agents and pay for 3 rooms that cost BDS$22,500. kink-link-jan-4thYes Dominus I say Twenty Two Thousand not twenty two dollars and fifty cents. B**** B*** %*** is an all-inclusive hotel and them did staying for 14 nights so that’s how the money add up. So apparently these people had all them online receipts, 217304444-jpg-gallerystatements from the bank to show them pay and everything but the hotel ain’t get them dividends transfer from the travel agent yet. Mind you, the airline, even the taxi know that them money sure but stinking cocksuckers like B**** B*** %*** playing cunt part. I hear the young receptionist pleading cause it did after 8:00pm in the night and these people was like 50 plus years, one did handicapped, but the manager say them gotta pay for at least one night for each room or leff the hotel. Cuh-fucking-dear. De people now save up and give wunna all them money, and aint had no more on dem to pay. You mean them couldn’t put the ppl in a lil 2×4 till the mixup get sort out in the morning? I hear the young girl fridaywho work front desk say this particular agent does come through and pay a day later and cause it’s a holiday nobody aint at work plus its after 8.00pm in the night in Barbados but it is 4 to 6 hours later where dem come from. So you mean to tell me dem aint understand that it is after midnight nobody aint at fucking work over there? Quick so security put the 6 old people outside on the street I guess managers decide that on BOXING DAY them putting good people who save up years to take them FIRST FUCKING TRIP to Barbados out on the cold south coast road. What a fucking first impression. Mind you Dominus, one of these people kinda shaky and handicapped cause them say them on nuff medications and management put them to fuck outside right there in the road. Now hear is where things get worse, I get to find out that the young girl who work the front did feel so bad, she tek she own personal money and pay a partial for a one night so the people won’t have to sleep on the streets till the agency send cross the money, and you know what happen to she? Guess what…. Management fire she next time she come work for insubordination dread. Not following the rules. But guess what Dom… stinking B**** B*** %*** get the nasty BDS$22,500.00 next day bright and early Dec 27th like RH, and had to pay back the woman at the front desk who had the heart round Christmas when everybody brek as RH to help people she aint even know and this is her reward? Next week she get fried and get the run around to get back HER own money. FUCK YOU B**** B*** %***wunna is stinking cocksucking money hungry motherfuckers. Cunt like wunna. I didn’t know that ya does fire people for kindness.



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