Dear Dominus “Stake Out” 21/06/2019


Dear Dominus. I aint even know what 2 think but Dom u tell me share my story dat I tell u so here it is. My girl cousin did always hinting that my girl fooping on my head and I got to tek my head out the clouds and open my eyes and stop playing the fool part. The other night he call me fast and ask me if I want to catch she cheating to come out by the house she got a man in dey but the man is a badman so don’t go knocking or I would get shoot. He tell me park my car round the corner and wait in the old house that abandoned and overrun and when dem come out tek pictures and show she in the morning and dun with she. I do what he tell me, I park in the next 2 gaps under the street light and walk the rest and sit down on a rock by the front door on the inside of the house. barbados-abandoned-chattel-former-home-on-roadside-egwx8mPart of the door brek off so I could see the house and the bedroom straight from dey. Dat was bout 11 in the night and I message the cousin and he say yea dem in dey just wait cause the man does come foop and leff he don’t sleep cause he got a woman dat life at the bottom of the hill too. I did waiting long long stake out like police and in between I would message and ask what going on I aint see nothing and he just tell me hold on. I call she call she and she aint answer bt I could see the light from the TV on so I know she did up she does turn off the TV before she go sleep. Mosquitos did sick as cunt in dey I get bite to rassole up but fa real I was so fuckin tired from work I fall sleep rain come down and all house aint got no roof I get soak like cun tin my sleep and I wake up bout 7:30 in the morning I drop sleep sitting down prop up on the door and I still aint see nothing and the woman went work for 7. kink-link-june-22gI look round a slug in my sock dem did wet and a millepede in my hair and I soak and I still aint got the proof I need dat she cheating and all she cousin say is that I is a real cunt a sniper don’t fall sleep. He tell me he goin let me know next time the man come dey and he call me again this week de rain did falling again and he tell me she would hear my car so I cant be no pussy and be frighten for the rain so I out in the cold rain peeping through a door again and de wind did blowing strong as cunt and some branches drop down out a tree in the house and hit me hard as cunt and up to now I aint see the man leff and I got a bad fucking cold and I still aint know for sure the truth. I want to find out the truth bad and I willing to do almost anything to find out ya dont trust nothing people say u have to see it for urself. I love she bad far real I ain’t want to let she go unless I see with my own eyes that she unfaithful but Dominus u feel I doing cunt behind she cause I feel fuckup and want to know for myself if she fucking round?

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