Dear Dominus “Stake Out” 10/09/2018


Dear Dominus. I was talking to this woman who works with me she is the hottest thing at work, everybody does watch she when she pass even women. She and I get along fairly good and she does push talk at me all the time. She ask me an evening about taking her for something to eat and from the way we was talking all day, I figure she was finally going to give me some sex. The whole evening she telling me about this dress she wearing so short she hope that my heart don’t konk out and mekking sport I tell she don’t bend over or she will get a stick. This woman even send me a pic of the dress and play she sending one of she bending over with half of she boxy out saying what I going do about it.slider10 I break the speed limit driving by she and when this woman open the door, she was wearing the short dress but she had she child with she and another lil girl. I ask she how come she bring she and she tell me she mother say she cant leave her home and she daughter and she cousin real close so one does cry without the other. She and we talk good, going down the road, and now this Chef**** run turn into children time where I had to buy 2 kids meals and then ice cream and watch them play on the slides. She tell me she will let them tire out themselves and then when she get back home we could chill in the car outside she house for a bit. That was worth it cause I aint got no children and this wasn’t what I had in mind. Driving going back home she head was offset and she child father keep messaging she all the time and when I ask she what, she say that she got he in court and he begging not to send he up cause he late and she ask me to drop she there she will just be a lil while to collect money. I though the woman carrying the children inside but she tell me he don’t pay so he cant see he child so wait a few houses down she getting the money and hear what he say and coming back now. Dominus she leff me out there stake out for 40 minutes. I did feel like a cunt I even had to get out and get some air cause I did baby sitting 2 hardears lil childrent that aint mine nor i never even meet.9348_romantic-man-waiting-the-perfect-girl-with-flowers-black-car It did one of them government houses so I didn’t see which house she was at exact and she wasn’t answering she phone and I did ready to go long but I couldn’t go long with the people children plus I didn’t even know what the man name to go and ask where he live. I did vex as cunt btu she play she come back even more vex and she tell me them fight and she getting he lock up. She had a few buttons tear off and I did saying she hair look funny but I play the fool part and just listen to she rant. When she get home she tell me she aint really in the mood to chill cause she head hot she just want to go inside and lay down and I tell she safe. Dominus my heart did burning me, I feel I get trick and she does message me telling me she enjoy we time out and we should do it again just me and she but I say I aint nobody cunt twice. She do and do till she come out straight and callme saying she aint eat for the day to come for she now and carry she chick*** ba** and I didn’t doing nothing so I went. Woman bring out the two lil girls again but I had my partner on whatsapp tell he if I say yes call me in 5. Man call me and I put it on speaker and he make it sound urgent I had to push off so I carry she back home and she tell me she could come and wait but she hungry. I tell she I aint know how long I going stand but the woman persist and persist and end up waiting in the car from after 7 till all after 9:30 I was just in my partner house sitting down and she get vex and blow the horn telling me Chi*** Ba*** will shut down now and I tell she I cant leave yet I dealing with something and she say give she the keys to roll up the window the mosquitos killing she where I park and I give she them and went back inside and then I hear my car start up and de woman drive and gone long. I calling this woman phone she aint picking up, 30 mins later I did already call the police and I freaking out she come back with food for me and everybody and she say she will just wait till I done I curse she and tell she nobody don’t drive y car and she start getting on like I unreasonable. Dominus I drop she home brisk and she ask if I aint want to chill a bit and cool my head and I tell she nah, and she tek off she panty and tell me I could smell it later and see what she have for me and leave it in the seat and carry the children inside one by one cause them did sleeping cause them belly full. Dom, it is only the next day when I went to pay my light bill I realise $40 was missing I had put the money in the cubby hole in an envelope and that fucker find it and buy something to eat with it. I ask she if she take up my money and she say I was buying it anyhow so put it back and I aint tell she another word. I hey thinking if I should go to the police and tell them she tief my money but a police friend tell me it aint so easy to prove what yall think.

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