Dear Dominus “Something More?” 06/02/2019


Dear Dominus. Please post cause I want to know if I am thinking wrong. I went out by my boyfriend to wait on him to finish get ready cause we was going out to watch a movie at 9:30. We was running late but he couldn’t find his phone, so he was searching all over for it. Now I stopped to help him look for it and I decided to call it so that we could hear the ring. I start calling and two of we start hunting down where the ring coming from. I find it first and I see it say John and I name Joy*****. I freak out and start asking he why he got my name save under he phone as John dat aint my name and he say it is because when he meet me he was drinking Johnny Walker Black johnnie-walker-black-label-12-year-oldand he didn’t want to disrespect me by putting Johnny cause when I give he my number he couldn’t remember the name I say so he put in John to remember me by. I listen to he, but I here thinking he had me for 6 months, by now he should remember my name but he say he just aint get round to changing it as yet and I just miserable and overthinking this. Dominus you feel I wrong or that it is something more?

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