Dear Dominus “So lonely” 13/06/2019

Bored Young Woman Stirring Coffee --- Image by © Vincent Mo/zefa/Corbis

Dear Dominus. Do I sound stupid to you? My best friend tell me that I am a cunt but I want to hear what you think. She say I got a good man and I fucking it up but Dom, yes he gives me whatever I want. He is very very generous. He fixes my car when it down and gives me a hired car to drive so I won’t have transportation. He makes sure I always have food and even helps with rent. He helps with bills and gives me money to help me save.untitled2 He buys me lots of expensive jewellery and pando** charms. Yes all of that is so good. He even sent me away on 2 trips overseas. Dom I beg this man to come with me, and he always saying he too busy with work. He buy an extra ticket for my best friend and say let she keep my company. kink-link-june-22cDom I does beg this man for quality time and he does not do it all he gives is money and gifts. That is all fine and good but I would trade it all for him to walk down the beach and hold my hand. So this is why my friend say I is a cunt. I started talking to another guy who doesn’t have a business like my bf, but he has the time. He is a security guard and makes little to no moneysecurity-guard-keeping-distance-his-hand-57269484 works long hours but after work he would want to bring me KF** and share it over a movie. Dominus he does be tired after 12 hour shifts and fall sleep in my lap to spend time with me even without sex. That is so sweet I fall for him and my friend say I cheap cause my man send us to the Hilton and who I like can only buy one *** box to share. I know you need money in life but I am lonely with my man and this broke guy really likes me and spends the time plus I don’t know when was the last time I had sex with my bf but Mr. Security does put it down whenever and however I want. I think it is best that I finish with my bf but my best friend says I am a cunt if I do it and she will take him up if I do. She doesn’t want me to end it with him because he always gives her too so that she can keep my company. With my bf I am so lonely it’s like I am single. So Dom be honest am I a cunt because I am willing to give up all of what I get for this broke man who don’t have a car and works from pay check to pay check?

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