Dear Dominus “Should I tell she?” 20/04/2020

casual young black family on white isolated background

Dear Dominus. I live in a house with a woman I had for 17 years. We family make up of 2 a we and 4 children. For years I knew I was not the father of the last 2, she aint know that I know she was dealing with a fella that used to work with she but 2 a dem don’t got nothing of me and I only had the money to get one test and I was not the father. I confide in a few friends when I get the official results and he call me a pussy cause I stay and aint leff but the children at that time was 3 and 1 years old. I suck it up and never tell she nothing and even though it burn my heart I is daddy to all of them. One time I ask she if she and he ever deal and she went down die hard she never deal with he nor nobody in the 17 years we did together and she aint that kind of woman. I ask she if not even once not even a kiss and she tell me she dont even hug men far less kiss them and tell me she belongs to me 300%. Since this lockdown thing she start back messaging this man I aint know what they alking about but when I look cross it is always his display pic up in the convo with all the smiles and thing from she. I feel them planning on starting back dealing and I don’t want to leave this family and walk way cause my father leff my mother when we was small and I see all the cunt she went through man after man but I don’t know how much more of this I can take silent. She is a woman she does catch fast and she don’t believe in abortion and she tell me she miss she period so I feel she pregnant again and this man back in the picture once more. Dominus you feel I should tell she something or just live cause no matter what ya do if somebody want to horn ya them will?

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