Dear Dominus “Should I let her go?” 11/06/2019


Dear Dominus. I have met this wonderful non-national woman who loves to cook clean and is very experimental in bed. Dominus she does everything she can handle anal and for one thing she loves me to cum in her mouth. She is very clean and keeps her apartment like new every time. I know people write into you about thier problems and this is where mine come with hers. kink-link-june-22I found out that she is taking my sperm that I thought she was swallowing and she cooking food baking cookings and making mixtures of coconut milk with it. She could cook good for truth, she do nuff exotic dishes and all taste different but good and she does cook with yogurt and I guess now I know the other ingredient. Dom, she cooks for me every day and I only found out after I went behind her in the bathroom to piss after I done break in her mouth and saw her spitting it into a cup by her toothbrush. 667px-semen-spermaLong and short of the story she say she does spit it out in a cup and store it and cook with it and it has great health benefits and the heat while cooking kills any possible germs. I ask if she give me any of what she do and she say all the time and she claim it so harmless and nutritious she even gives food or coconut milk blends to anyone including children. She claims I am over reacting about her strange ingredient and that I am just small minded. I ask her how she thinks I feel know she was feeding me back my sperm in food and she then said well when we first met when I was flirting with her it was her ex sperm who flavoured all the food I always compliment her on and wanted more of. She says this is her way of life so get used to it. Dom should I let such a good woman get away because of her strange cooking habit? Apart from that nothing else is wrong.

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