Dear Dominus “Should I?” 20/03/2019


Dear Dominus. My friends telling me one thing and my family telling me another so I want to hear from more people so I can decide. My child father is a waste of sperm. He father should’ve spout in a condom or he mother shoulda swallow he, people like he shouldnt be allowed to born. The only good thing that come out of he is my 2 children. Dominus things hard and he don’t support them. Last time he give them something was Christmas, well besides the little one dollar and two dollars pocket change to take to school. No money to buy food, clothes, books, nothing. This man does gamble every day with any piece of money thinking that he can win the machines slotsand when he win he does spend it back. If he aint got money he still in the arcade pimping watching the machines and pimping beers. He does smoke, gamble and drink so he always break, always on a block. I tell he that he have to help me out with the children and he say he going get big money just now and everybody will be set. My oldest is 7 and things get more hard since granny sick and she can’t help out no more. On the other side, this man don’t miss a day without seeing them. He does walk them school on morning and evenings, and stay in the gallery and help them with them homework cause he can’t come inside the house no more. He is there for them as a father figure and does make sure that them always know how real the world is. At 7 he does talk we daughter about boys and thing and she like he bad. kink-link-23-marMy children don’t know that he don’t give them a cent cause I does keep arguments about money quiet. He don’t give them money or support them, but does be in the whore house whenever he get a lil something and when I jack he up about it he say that if I used to still give he sex he wouldn’t have to buy none. Dominus u get the drift about this waste and his lifestyle, he is a good father but he neglecting the financial part of his children and I got to struggle for them to eat food every day. Should I put he in court for cock tax? He say if I ever do that we going come wrong and my family say he going spite the children and stop seeing them which would break their little heart, but my friends say fuck him he living too happy, pay cock tax or go jail. What you think please honest answers.

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