Dear Dominus “She’s watching me”


Dear Dominus. I feel fucked up and aint know what to think. It is my fault but I don’t know how this situation gonna play out. Well Dom, this girl I does throw talk at finally decide she got the pussy for me. Woman literally message me and tell me you want it, come for it now or never. My personal girl did by me we did watching a movie at the time and I tell she I got to go and help out my cousin on some business so I drop she back home fast and went and pick up my lil friend. She did questioning why she got to go home and I tell she I don’t know how long I going stay and she did wan to come with me cause she did begging to spend time with me and I tell she I don’t like she round certain people. I carry she home and blaze it for  a good while and when I brek she tell me that she want to go to the bathroom and piss. Woman open up my bedroom door and start screaming and stuttering. My girl was right outside sitting down outside the bedroom door she back against the wall looking calm as cunt with a long fucking knife cleaning under she fingernails. My lil friend shut the door and lock it and put back on she clothes and tell me go and handle my business cause she look like she going kill. I went out and tell she am we aint do nothing and she tell me she did sitting down hey quiet for almost a hour and she come through the front window I leff open. I couldn’t say nothing cause I know that she woulda had to hear we in the bedroom shut up fucking. Woman start digging cleaning she nails so ruff it start to bleed so I snatch way de knife and ask she if she mad don’t do that cunt. I talking and trying to get she to answer me and she just quiet and rocking back and fourth like she gone mad and just looking at me stink as cunt. I couldn’t lie cause I get catch live and direct. My lil friend start to peep and my girl shout at she and tell she leff or dead. My friend leff fast and she even run and leff she shoes  and gone and now all my girl doing is playing with knives and scissors and looking at me deadly. Woman does only say the absolute necessary and nothing more. One and two word answers. That was a week ago, she loosing weight and since then she sleep by me all week, just watching me in the corner of she eye, not saying a word, nont doing nothing at all in the house and cause of what happen I aint risking asking she to do nothing neither. I would like to know what she could possibly be thinking bout me now, thing is she aint leffing but she quiet as rasshole just watching. lifestyle-night-portrait-young-sad-260nw-1159904581She don’t even go sleep before me. I does drop sleep with she watching me and wakeup with she watching me. I wake up with she have a scissors in she hand and looking at me. I ask she what the fuck she thinking and she just roll back over and went turn she face. Next day I tell she that if she looking to do me something we will have to done and she just ignore me like I aant even say nothing. So Dom, I asking the women out there what wunna fell going through she mind.



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