Dear Dominus “Sexcapade” 10/01/2019


Dear Dominus. My current bf has a very different fetish that at first I could not understand and did not allow, but after he said he would find someone who would understand him, I eventually did it. Now he told me he wanted to watch me cheat on him. I mean that turns him on soooo much. Eventually we found someone who wasnt totally gross to me and i agreed to let him have sex with me while he secretly watch from inside the wardrobe and I push it a sort of way that he can see everything that happening in the bed. how-to-close-a-scary-closet-door-mckelti-browns-creepy-boyfriend-creepy-brown-vanHe would make me put on the TV loud to porn so that the guy did not hear him jerking off in there cause. Once he sees me doing something once, he is turned on for like 3 to 4 months having sex with me remembering until then he wants me to do it again. Now the guy doesnt know that it is really him who sets up this sexcapade and he thinks that I really like him and am just cheating on my boyfriend every chance i get and he mesages me everyday telling me how he misses me and is always begging to come over. I keep telling him no because i really love my man and its only because of him that I am tryin to please him in every way. Then during the last sexcapade, he kissed me deep and told me that he loved me and he doesnt want to even share me with my man if i could leave him for him. The fact that he wants me for himself did something to me cause I dont think that I should be sleeping with another man just to please my man and he was like if I had u I would keep u for myself and he asked me to marry him, getting down on one knee, ring and all, naked as we were born with my man watching the whole thing. My boyrfriend start blowing up my phone messaging me telling me “I coming home now if I want anything from the shop,” and the guy saw this and say he dont want me in no trouble and left and told me to think about it. My man was so vex, he threw away the ring over the pailing and told me he will find another man I cant do that with him anymore. He made me call the guy in front of him and say it over and we done and i threw away his ring. I saw how cruel and brutal he could be and it made me feel bad to hear the guy calling back crying asking what did he do and how he could make it up. He has been messaging me for days and I was made to block him on everything. he sent the coconut man from the bottom of the gap with a water I does buy and a note telling me he dont know what he said but he is sorry and he want us to be happy. He swears he will take care of me and if it is that it is my man that making me do this then let himĀ  know and he know how to deal with that. It is then that I realize that i started to get feeligns towards him for our encounters cause he made love to me when ever he came over it wasnt pretending. He is really gentle and makes me feel wanted, but I really did it just for my man who is getting on unappreciated that I open my legs to another man I didnt even know just to please him. He introduced me to a fat sweaty looking taxi man saying this time he knows everything and now it out in the open what going on and he doesnt have to hide in the closet so he will be taking over from the other guy from the new year. Now I am actually thinking about if to take up the guy on his offer or not. What would you do?

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