Dear Dominus “Secret or Lie” 21/04/2020


Dear Dominus. Just before the curfew, I went to a bar and sat beside this man. I was so emotional at the time because of some things I was going through personally. Easily so we just clicked and I end up talking to him for hours. I felt so comfortable with him, he actually listened to me and didn’t interrupt. He was gentle and soft spoken and honestly it was me that leaned in for the first kiss. I don’t normally do this but we had sex in his car that same night when we parked outf1334038b517dc2aff54633d4b44c272-21 and it felt so right and amazing he cum inside of me twice. I know it was wreckless but everything just felt like the right thing to do. It was so spontaneous every touch of his made shiver run down my spine and I have never experience so much orgsms in one night. Dominus I got a husband we are not at the best part of our relationship now and he lives with the mother of his 2 children. I am now pregnant and my husband and I have not had any real sex for almost 2 months and that sex was me just blowing him or jacking him off so he wouldn’t quarrel. I don’t believe in termination but yet I am not ready to give up on my marriage just as yet. My husband is a pain in the  ass but he isn’t cheating on me at all that is one thing I know. He knows nothing of my one night stand and my friend who I talk to regularly is being supportive telling me that whatever decision I make he is with me but he also is not leaving his woman even if he has to tell her the truth she would never leave him and he knows about my husband that I wont leave him either. I have never seen this man since then because of the lockdown. Dominus I don’t know what to do, I hear that all over women put children on their husbands but I don’t know if I can live with the secret or tell the lie. Which to do?

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