Dear Dominus “Screaming” 13/08/2018


Dear Dominus. Well I meet this guy on your page, and over time we get to know one another online. cover-social-media-promoWe started talking closer and much more and going out. He always talk about how he don’t like regular sex and that he is a kinky freak. Thing is, all the sex talk get to me cause I am accustomed to regular sex cause I still does fuck round my ex when I get lonely even though he got a new girl. After 3 months I agree to come by he to see what he talking about. Dominus we start out kissing, he is a real good kisser and then he me get ready to get my world rock. I was real excited. At first he had me blindfold and I tell he none of that I does read Dominus he aint switching he could do my mouth but I want to be able to see what going on. He tie me up and had my feet spread cross so in a chair, untitledand my hands behind my back and he stuff my panty in my mouth and gag me with a scarf. I like that kinda thing I was so wet at what was about to happen. When this man start eating me Dom, I start to scream, and the more I scream the more he eating me and the more he eating me the more I scream. But I did trying to tell he that he was too rough all he was doing was biting up my clit and my pussy and sucking it hard like he mouth was a vacuum cleaner. I try telling he no by shaking my head and all he saying is yes u like it nuh and dis man suck my pussy till tears come out my eyes. I scream and he thinking I screaming cause I cumming all the time. He had the gag on so tight I couldn’t spit it out and I was crying and the fool thinking it was tears because it did feel so good but it hurting me bad as cunt. The only reason he stop is because when he stop to talk after mussie half hour of torment I was still screaming kicking and crying bad a11nd this fool think he soo good he say he tongue got after effects but I keep noise till he say he want to hear how good he is and I had to tell he get these fucking scarfs offa me and let me go home before he bite out my pussy. Dominus that was Friday night and my pussy still sore, my clit cut up, every time I pee it burning my cunt and my pussy out of commission. Men does talk big but a lot of them cant even eat a pussy to save them life. Dom, I learn my lesion, and even though my ex is a big stinking dog, my pussy belong to he cause at least he know how to fuck.

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