Dear Dominus “Role Play” 18/06/2019


Dear Dominus. My boyfriend and I have been together for 10 years and we were watching a movie last weekend and the older married couple in the movie did some role play to spice up their sex life and he was like let’s try it. I am all for making my man happy and keeping him in my life and I agreed. kink-link-june-22dHe told me that he has the perfect outfit for us and we arranged to do the following Friday night. Dominus if you know me you would know I am very conservative and love it natural and he brought a bright color wig and a short dress and red lingerie and immediately I knew who my role was to be. She is not my best friend but she is a friend who hangs with us sometimes. We went to school together and she has never lost her shape. No matter what outfit she has on you can always see her panty print out which always is a thong or cut in her ass which I am the total opposite. I like comfort. The wig is the same color she has in now and the choice panty and bra colour is pink which she seems to like a lot cause she always in a pink undergarments. He on the other hand, brought working clothes like my same friends boyrfriend who also hangs with us when we go out and we dressed up and started the role. He even prepared a script and made me call him (friends bf name) and he was calling me (my her name). 4158aab9948281b05a40d0758bcd7a44During intercourse he did different things than he ususally does, I mean like different position and little things she jokes about like slapping her butt and pulling her hair or choking her he did. He was looking me in my eyes with pure lust and conviction and calling me her name and kissing me and making me call him (girls bf) name like he meant it. Dominus this situation even is more strange because when he ejaculated he was calling her name and made me say yes baby cum inside of me and he usually goes right down but he was so turned on he remained erect and started a second round right away and if I could’ve handled it he was ready for a third without the usual 30 minute breaks. Dom, I don’t usually question him but I asked why her and he belittled me and said it was just fun in the moment and I am over thinking what was good sex. The things he did even saying he always wanted to take these thongs off  me and was kissing me extra passionate in the beginning was really weird but he says its all in the fun. Dom the question is, did I facilitate what was a harmless urge that is better done with me that acted out on her or someone else? Or did I just participate in sex with him that he happened with her before.

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