Dear Dominus “Right to be vex” 15/01/2019


Dear Dominus. Hear tune bout this situation. I does do my lil thing and hustle so my fam can eat. I does sell every RH thing I could get my hand on. So when a man tell me he feel that he want to buy pussy, I got a few 17s to 25s that I can call and still eat a food off the deal. I does do this all the time, cause lots of normal looking young girls selling pussy, even them that got a good job. I don’t go into them personal life, I aint want to know cause dem aint to know mine, them is whores, I selling pussy straight. image1Now this situation happn, a man call me and tell me he hear I got girls he want one a Friday night he going escape from home and he want something strange to fuck. I tell he ort, arrange a price and call one my links to deal with the case. When the man turn up at **** place it did the man own girl I set he up with and charge he for. Now every RH body vex cursing and want to fight. She vex that he want to cheat and buy pussy and he vex that she does sell pussy, and she vex with me that I mess she up I shoulda show she the man picture or something and everybody cursing and want to fight and get on bad. I dont show bout no pictures this aint how this thing sdoes work, you come buy and push off. If I did a frighten man I would run but I stand  firm and tell he pay he my cut and them could kill dem one another but he tell me he aint paying for he own girl and I was going to bad he up but I leff he. So Dom, who you feel got the right to be vex, cause when this girl start working she tell me set she up she aint got no man she want to mek money so give she work and now in the argument he had she for 2 years. Or me cause I do my part and I aint get pay. De only body was honest did de man but he say he got something but he just wanna get way and fuck something strange. Somebody gotta get break to fuck up.

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