Dear Dominus ‘Request” 28/03/2019


Dear Dominus. My boyfriend shared a secret with me that has me puzzled. He went to jail for ***** and when he came back out he confessed to me that 2 guys held him and raped him. They did it a few times and then it became easier and then he actually didn’t mind. People suspected but he always denied being involved in that activity, plus the men are ig bad gun men that supposedly kill someone already. He said that one of the guys is out on bail and he has an idea where he lives but has no interest in going to check on him. The guy keeps sending messages to check him and that we is we by fellas from out here but he says he has put that behind him since he went through the metal doors but honestly it feels much better than he can even describe and being honest he likes it but doesn’t want to do it with a guy ever again.  Dominus this man asked me to do it to him with a strap on. He says he’s not a bulla and his actions in jail was just to survive because where he come from **** and *** are at war and that was his way of being friends since he was not part of either side but he just lived on the wrong side. He said that if I do this for him, it would make him happy and that he will never do it again with a man cause he has no desires to. He said although it sounds bad, this is part of him and now he wants it to become a part of our relationship now. Dominus, he is the father of my 2 children and before he went to jail, he was always there for me and now that he is back out he says he is reformed but this has followed him now. All while he was in jail I swear I slept with noone and was waiting for him to come out but I never expected him to come out with this story I thought this only happen if you didnt have anyone sending stuff for you or if you are licorish. He did his time for his crime and he even tries to preach to young fellas out here to stay out of trouble. He seems to be a totally changed man now and not thinking along the fast money lines like before, he has got a job with ***** doing some carpenter work and is really trying to be there for his family. he even asked me to marry him and I am seriously considering it but can I really do this for him? Should I overlook his weird request and do it for him which in my opinion puts him on the other side of the fence? I am scared that if I don’t that eventually his craving that he is denying will send him to a man to do it. What do you think peeps. Please be honest and not judgemental.

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