Dear Dominus “Regula-Degula” 12/04/2019


Dear Dominus. This big up man thought he had he woman lock right RH down cause he got piece a money. He find out I did cutting it and forbid she to see me anymore but here tune. I tell she that we can still se each other and she aint have to lie to him. Her man is a control freak, and does hold she hand and look in she eye and ask she questions and he can tell if she telling lies, so when I tell she to trust me I got a plan, that is exactly what she do. week-party-friWell Dom, he is give she nuff money and she live by he, but she don’t eat she pussy like a gangster and he cant fuck no fuck he in he 50s and she is 20 little so this is where badman like me come in. De big man tell she if she speak with me anymore or see me anymore he going beat she and cut she off everything, so I get a new sim car and put in and tell she add it as Samatha. Dat is the only thing she does call me, by my sister name. She message me and tell me she miss me eating she pussy but the man tell she that she cant leave home without he and go nowhere. he got she on lockdown. Man does check what panty she wear on mornings, and smell it to see if she smell de same and thing. So I tell she dont stress, more than one way to skin a cat… sit down on the window ledge in the back part a de house in in a short skirt and I going do the rest. Just leave the yard gate open and sit down in the window. Dominus she aint even look back at me, from de time I message and say I near she unlock de gat and sit down dey in the window. 141I had to stand up on a can to get high enough and I eat she pussy from de back like it going out of style. Dom, I had to get taller to fuck, I almost fall down but I get um do. So when the man come home and ask she, You leff in hey today she does say no. You see that man today she does say no, and it does be true so he cant tell. Cunt like he. She never see me nor she never leff home, but  I put some sperm in she belly das wha. All now I glad the paling high, cause I does get that regula-degula through the winda like a boss and ease back out de yard. She like my style bad and we does do this more than once a week. Round he place got nuff trees and bush so dat easy Dom. I don’t step foot in he house, just he yard, and she does get the loving she want whenever he gone work. Wunna men dat think wunna own a pussy read this, and see how easy wunna does get horn from a brek men like me.

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