Dear Dominus “Red Skin Man” 30/07/2019

Dear Dom
I’m a Bajan woman I met a red skin man the other night in McBrides he is a nice looking man bald head and nice thick beard he was sitting by the bar when I walked in. Dom this guy caught my eyes and had me good so I play like I going to buy a drink and miss and hit he to say sorry to start a conversation with him. So said so done I hit him and said sorry and he said ok and told me that I am beautiful. Now the conversation started from there and he bought me a drink and it was two for one and we drink and talk, as I was talking to him my pussy was getting wet from the drinks and looking him in his eyes de man so fucking sexy and he intelligent a full package I said to myself as my pussy got wetter. He ask me for a dance and we went on the inside to dance celebrate2Dom this man could fucking wine this man slow grind me to every song until my pussy got wetter the thing is when I bend over his dick got hard and omg his dick was so big I felt it spread my ass cheeks apart that it jump me and made me look around at him. Dom I turn around to him and said is that for real and he yes touch if you want Dom I grip his dick in my hand and this thing was so long and fat made my pussy run oil omg I told him come let’s go I don’t normally do this but I had to find out good this dick was. Dom as we walked out off McBrides with my pussy soaking wet he hold my hand like we were a couple as we got to his Jeep he open the door for me and close it when he get in the Jeep I unzip his pants and took out his dick and started sucking this was so fucking long I had my two hands on it and still nuff dicky was there for me to suck. Dom the man rock back my chair and ate my pussy like it was cook food made me cum in one he pull out a condom and roll it on and slide every inch of his long dick in my pussy until he was balls deep in de pussy Dom. This man slow fuck me until I started to Trimble and cum as I was cummin de man started to fuck my pussy hard to I cum so hard that my pussy was soaked oil running down to my asshole and I sick my fingers in ass as he fuck pussy Dom de man caught me fingering my ass as he fucking me and he if I like anal and I said yes before I could even finish saying he had that long dick balls deep in my ass I straighten out cummin the man made my pussy spout as I cum from getting my ass fucked I could not believe I took that dick in my ass he fuck me hard and made me cum three more time Dom he fuck me like a pornstar he took of the condom and put on a fresh one and made me ride him with his dick in my pussy as he stick two fingers in my ass and me cum twice. Dom he ask me to turn around backing him and put me to sit on his dick in my ass as he finger fuck my pussy while I wuk up on his ducky deep in my ass man Dom I do the dog and cum again that was the biggest dick I ever had in my ass but it was good but Dom de man got me bewitched we fuck for a hour and half then he came in my mouth and I drink it cause it did taste sweet Dom I think I’m a hoe but he is wanna go out but I ain’t know what to do I married
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