Dear Dominus “Real 2019 man” 09/01/2019


Dear Dominus. Men want to claim they are men but dont act like men. Dom, if you are a man, and can’t put money in your woman hand you aint a man. How you expect her to buy soap to wash the same pussy you always want to fuck, buy roll on, clothes, panties dresses and food and more. I does tell any man that talking to me straight, he have to be working cause everyweek he needs to put money in my hand to buy the things that I need, supermarket clothes and help with bills. I think I reasonable. I start talking to this fella in October, and he always used to want to drop me everywhere. We went to the supermarket, and the bill come up to $163 something and I pull out $65 and tell he put the rest. Other women would have make he pay all. He aint say nothing but after we start having sex, he would claim the he should not have to pay all that money and bills and give me moeny too cause we not live together. So wait Dom, I want you to tell me this, it is only when you let a man move in that he should help you out and give you money? cover-social-media-promoNot a fuck of that, when you say you like me, prove it and put money in my hand, or pay abill. I done with that foolish man cause he like he can only be a cunt. In December a taxi man throw talk at me and first thing I do is put November light bill in he hand and tell he bring it back clear. He laugh and pay it and we did cool, but he playign he work a old trick on me. Round xmas he pick a noise and we fall out so he wouldnt have to buy me nothing but when he shout me back i tell he stay vex i done with he and he cheap ass. So for 2019 I want a real man that know how to treat a woman and take care of her. Once my bills pay, my cupboards full, my hair and nails getting do, money in my purse and my rent pay? Any type of sex is no problem. Take care of me and I take care of you. I dont want a manĀ  up under me like no panty, I want my freedom and love to live by myself. I turning ove a new leaf Dom and if I could find a real man who aint going fuck round when the week come I would take he.

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