Dear Dominus “Raw” 04/07/2019

Closeup portrait, young man, disgust on face, pinches his nose, something stinks very bad smell, situation, asking is it you, isolated white background. Negative emotion facial expression feeling

Dear Dominus. Only post this if you think people will respond to help me. Have you ever heard of a man who hates the smell of a girls vagina? I mean I like sex, but I hate how a womans pussy smells. It smells so raw stale tuna fish with flies following its guts its sooooooo fucking bad. I am amazed theat when a girl open her legs flies don’t follow their vaginas 1280x720-9or that when they get up from off a chair flies don’t go and buzz around them but God must be good cause the Devil is a liar. I think they should have disinfectant spray for all women cause that can’t be a normal smell. I does cant wait till I come to go and wash off my cock with blue soap. And YES Dom, this was woman that take care of themselves and clean. They all have that same nasty smell and I would like to find a woman who pussy smell I can handle. The girls want me to go down on them but a pussy smells so bad I would vomit if I ever get so brave. Dominus I hope you don’t eat vaginas cause that would be so fucking disguisting you might as well gargle goat piss or cow shit instead. I confided in a friend who told me that any man who does not like how a vagina smells is a bulla because the vagina has a smell that attracts males. It may sound bad but when I go to the bathroom and shite, even that has a better smell than a vagina fresh out of the shower. Am I a buller? NO I am not. I just have an acute sense of smell that cant stand the scent of when a woman opens her legs. Now I only have sex under sheets so the smell cant get to my nose and as soon as I am done I take a full shower with blue soap or use cloro* wipes on my parts if I cant take the bath. It is crop over time and lots of women think it is cool to back up their sweaty vagina on you like it smell like a bed of roses. I can smell them like it is Rober*** truck when you pooch back so please ladies, Don’t do it. Dance with your foot close and use some sort of higiene product to wash out that fish market between your legs.

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