Dear Dominus “Pon a Morning” 19/06/2019


Dear Dominus. I aint know how to tel my girl this cause we only recently start living together. Well she don’t like sex at night, she like it early as cunt pon a morning. kink-link-june-22eWhen she wake up first thing she does do is pull down my boxer and start sucking my cocky. Thing is Dom the bathroom right dey she aint want to get up and pee or wash out she mouth saying when she wanna pee and she foop she does cum hrder and squirt but she morning breath does be so cruel my cocky cant even stand up straight cause it knock out from that garbage mouth all over it. I know wunna pon u page will tell me be grateful that she like giving head but when I mention if she aint want to go and pee and wash out she mouth first she get offended and saying she like it natural and want to tongue kiss me and bare cunt. She tell me if I cant accept what she like it aint no pussy or head for me no more at 4am. I does try to get up before she and eat she pussy and slip it in oral-2sweetbefore she want to give me heads and kiss but she does demand she suck my cocky and kiss up saying it does make she wet. Pon a real I cant kiss a mouth like hers smelling so plus too she does eat just before she la y down and don’t brush floss nothing she does treat she mouth like a sess pool and then cocky got a mind on it own cant raise to that kinda torment but I got a choice kiss she and let she do she thing or no pussy das my ultimatum wha u would do Dom? I does want pussy daily and she willing to give it every night even when she got she period she want to give me head till I cum but cawblenn the smell fuckign me up.

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