Dear Dominus “Pleasing him” 05/06/2018


Dear Dominus. I grew up in a house with 9 females. I have heard all the stores about cheating men, men that horn and sometimes when the boys come over I would hear the argument from their side too. I know that some men are just dogs and no matter what they do, they will cheat. To be fair, my aunt was always like that and she cheated on every single man she had, no matter how much money they gave her and how good they treated her. Since I was the youngest I came up with all this knowledge at my fingertips. cover-social-media-promoI always said, I will choose my man carefully and treat him so good, that is he does horn me, I know it’s not my fault and it will be his loss when he leaves. So now I am 20, I have been involved with a few guys, so far that I know, none of them have horned me although I have only been sexual with 2 of the 5 guys that called me their girl. This one that I have is a long term one, we have been together for the past 2 years and now he is so open and honest with me we talk about everything. He has taught me so much about sex, some of the things that I only read on your page Dominus, and I never refuse him. He is into lots of things I thought I would never do but hey, I am his girl and I know from all my sisters and aunts, if I don’t do it, some other girl would. Early this year, he when he was eating me, he went further and licked my butt. I found it strange, but I always keep myself very clean so I didn’t stop him. This turn him on so much that I didn’t stop him, he always does it when he is eating me. At the end of Feb, he opened up to me some more and told me that he has always wanted me to fart in his mouth while he is doing it. I was laughing inside but I didn’t show it, and I just told him OK. The thing is Dom, he asks me to sit in his face and fart while he is eating my butt but it is hard for me to get farts out. I actually have to skip lunch so that I am hungry and gassy when I go over to him, or he will be upset that I did not give him his fetish. Sometimes even when we are not having sex, he would pull me onto his face and tell me do it, let go a hard one now and that gets him instantly hard. pleasing-himSkipping meals is taking a toll on my health since all my family is diabetic, I sometimes get mild black outs and feel faint. He absolutely loves it when I do it for him, I love him enough to do it, but I am actually feeling sick and farting randomly during the day since I have changed my eating habits to please his sexual needs. That is so embarrassing in the office, I have to lie and joke about it so no one would think it is me stinking up the place. I don’t want to lose him, and I have accepted his queer fantasy because he is mine and I have no indication of him even thinking about cheating. I know his phone unlock code, he is always open and I can check up on him anytime, anywhere, he is always clean. He is one of the few men, who won’t cheat if I am keeping him happy but a blackout that I had at work is causing me to think that I need to find another way to pass gas when I want too instead of all the time during the day and behind it feeling really sick. Do you have any advice for me Dominus?

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