Dear Dominus “Personal Man” 22/07/2019


Dear Dominus. So Dominus explain how women does think cause I can’t understand them. Last year when I was out I see a sexy girl and one of my friend give me the low down info about she. Woman did dress in this short see through dress and a panty and she ass cock off I could imagine brekking off inside she. pizza-amor-monHe tell me that she is a real sex freak and that she do anal and give good heads and she like doing sex videos and de man show me a personal clip in he phone he fucking she live in she ass. My man say she does do everything even girls she love to eat pussy too n ass. Being real Dom I start out on a mission to just fuck but getting to know she I start to like she dat kinda way and she start to like me. The first time we had sex it was more like making love than fucking cause we were really connected and that cement our relationship. After a month or so I tell she that I want to try to experiment and do kinky stuff and she tell me that was in her past she aint bout that no more plus e relationship bigger than that stuff. I accept that and although I was getting average sex I was happy cause I was in love. We went through a rocky patch and we did dun and she went and deal with a fella who she just meet and he record she nnamdi-kanu-wiife-nudand he does anal and all dat and when it leak and get out she come back to me crying. I was real soft hearted on she and tell she it ok and then we start back talking and when I try to do anal again or get me she to let me cum in she mouth she say she got too much respect for what we have to stoop so low. So Dominus explain this, she don’t want to do the freaky shit with me cause I am her personal man, but she would do it with anybody else? I ask she why and she say that is what it is and that is why ya does got an outside person cause you don’t do them nasty things with your inside. Girls explain this if this is true… certain things u cant do with ur personal man u can do with a lil fling? Is it a certain wife sex u give ur man but give fuck boys good sex?


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